Afghan Cultural Heritage Consulting Organization (ACHCO)


ACHCO has secured funding from ALIPH, the International Alliance for the Protection of Heritage in Conflict Areas, for conservation of a stone masonry stupa at Shewaki, south of Kabul. The structure is thought to be contemporary with a stupa at Topdara (Parwan province) where ACHCO has been engaged in conservation since 2016. The focus of this new ALIP-funded project will be on 'Shewaki 1', one of a number of standing structures that formed part of an extensive Buddhist religious complex. Documentation of the surviving fabric of the stupa is ongoing and the formal inauguration of the project, which will take place over 24 months, took place on 15th March 2020 on site in the presence of officials from Kabul and the district administration, as well as community representatives.

Starting Date : 2020-01-01

Completion Date : 2022-01-01